CONFERENCE: "Renaissance Royal Weddings & Cultural Production" (25-27.04.2018)

Place Oxford, United Kingdom,
Organizer University of Oxford
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2018 marks the 500th anniversary of the wedding of the Milanese-Neapolitan princess Bona Sforza and King Sigismund I of Poland.  It was one of the most celebrated and internationally significant weddings seen in Renaissance Central Europe. The ERC-funded Jagiellonians project, directed by Dr Natalia Nowakowska, is supporting a programme of events to explore new thinking around this key union, its influence and its remembrance. 


Renaissance Royal Weddings & Cultural Production

University of Oxford, 25th - 27th April 2018

Wednesday 25th April

Conference Opening Event

"The Polish-Italian Royal Wedding of 1518: Dynasty, Memory & Language" - Natalia Nowakowska (Public lecture to accompany the Bodleian Library exhibition A Renaissance Royal Wedding, marking the 500th anniversary of the wedding of Bona Sforza and King Sigismund I of Poland).

Thursday 26th April

Panel 1 - Literature - Crossings

09.35 – 09.55 Ágnes Máté (MTA, Budapest)‘The Royal Weddings of Beatrice of Aragon (1474) & Isabella Jagiellon (1539) compared’

09.55 – 10.15 Tomislav Matic (Catholic University of Croatia) ‘The Roles of Croats & Dalmatians in the Wedding

of Vladislaus II and Anne de Foix (1502)’

10.15 – 10.35 Patrik Pastrnak (Olomouc) ‘Bona Sforza’s Bridal Journey to Poland as the Imaginary Travelling’

Panel 2 - Literature - Epithalamia

11.20 – 11.40 Marion Rutz (Passau) ‘Demonstrations of loyalty? Four epithalamia on the wedding of Zygmunt I and Barbara Zapolya in 1512’

11.40 – 12.00 Ursula Zachara-Związek (Warsaw) ‘Images of the Jagiellonians & Habsburgs in the occasional literature on Sigismund Augustus’ weddings with Habsburg princesses.’

12.00 – 12.20 Jakub Niedźwiedź (Krakow) ‘The Jagiellonian Epithalamia & New Geographical Knowledge’

Panel 3 - Objects

14.00 – 14.20 Louise Berglund (Uppsala) ‘The Trousseau of Philippa of England, wife of Eric of Pomerania, 1406’

14.20 – 14.40 Susanna Niiranen (Jyvaskyla) ‘Catherine Jagiellon’s (d.1583) trousseau: the fork as a symbol of Renaissance civilisation in Scandinavia’

14.40 – 15.00 Sylva Dobalova (Prague) ‘Secret and official weddings in the visual memory of Archduke Ferdinand II of Austria (d.1595): Prague & Innsbruck’

Panel 4 - Performance - Ceremony

15.45 – 16.05 Katarzyna Kosior (Durham) ‘First meetings of early modern royal spouses in France & Poland’

16.05 – 16.25 N. Zeynep Yelçe (Istanbul) ‘A political statement: the wedding festival of Ibrahim Pasha in 1524’

Friday 27th April

Panel 5 - Performance - Music, Festival, Tournament

09.15 – 09.35 Felicia M. Else (Gettysburg College) ‘Water-related imagery in Medici Weddings: Dialogues of Art, Cultural Production & Festivals’

09.35 – 09.55 Alex Robinson (ParisSorbonne) ‘Hebe & Hercules conjoined: music and politics in the French celebrations marking the marriage of Maria de’ Medici and Henri IV (1600)’

09.55 – 10.15 Fabian Persson (Linneaus University) ‘Running rings around dynastic hierarchy: tournaments at early modern Swedish royal weddings’

Panel 6 - Non-weddings - Dispute, Disaster, Absence

11.00 – 11.20 Giedrė Mickūnaitė (Vilnius) ‘Cultural denial in practice: Helena of Muscovy & Alexander Jagiellon (1495)’

11.20 – 11.40 Marian Coman (Bucharest) ‘A Royal Wedding and a Wife for Heracles Moldavia, 1560s’

11.40 – 12.00 Pavel Kalina (Prague) ‘An eloquent silence: Bohemian Estates and the Wedding of Ladislaus Jagiellon with Anne de Foix in 1502’

Related event: exhibition at the Bodleian Library. 
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