Boris Sirka: From Pleasure to Anxiety and Back

1 March 2019 - 28 April 2019

Boris Sirka: From Pleasure to Anxiety and Back

Place East Slovak Gallery, Hlavná 27, Košice, SLOVAKIA
Organizer East Slovak Gallery
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If anything in general characterizes Boris Sirka's work, it is a diversity - a varied and broad repertoire of art forms, genres and the media. He works in time cycles with a different visual language, predominantly resigning to what we can anachronically call author's handwriting. It is dominated by a strong awareness of some time compression that forces him to open and close his art cycles. The horrible enthusiasm of new beginnings and the anxiety of passing and death as a guess of the only constant in his creation. Experiments with form and visual strategies are, of course, typical of young creators. Most of them are seeking to achieve an adequate author's language that will ultimately satisfy them, especially if they are successful. However, Sirk's experiments are not a means but rather a goal. Apart from the time determinant, it is another characteristic feature of his work that he is constantly at the imaginary crossroads of possibilities and the ways in which he can emerge in the arts. Like he feared that if he did not try them all, his limited time would not be fully utilized. In principle, there is no reason to disagree with such an attitude - contemporary art is a dynamically changing organism that has long been expanding beyond its usual teritory and driven by massive multimedia production. So, despite the fact that Sirka moves in the predominantly traditional artistic medium, his artistic origins are rooted in an audiovisual environment that is transforming faster than painting or drawing.
His current paintings represent perhaps the most radical departure from his previous work. Mighty, straight sculptural figures, supplemented by some shattered abstract gestures, framing fluorescent color. However, these paintings also arise from the authentic artistic experience of sculptures, which has been somewhat inconspicuous for his paintings (I myself believe in my pedagogical practice that every painter should at least once try to solve what he is painting). A deeper look at Sirk's work shows that the initial impression of discontinuity is a bit superficial. Each of his new cycles absorbs some of the previous and varied repertoire of forms not only from the external environment but from his own portfolio. Ability to constantly undertake and convincingly deal with these literally metamorphoses, making it truly a unique revelation on the Slovak art scene.

curator: Peter Tajkov

The exhibition of this gallery from public sources was supported by the Arts Support Fund.