In the Pursuit of Colour. Glass Artist Jerzy Słuczan-Orkusz (1924–2002)

25 June 2019 - 22 September 2019

In the Pursuit of Colour. Glass Artist Jerzy Słuczan-Orkusz (1924–2002) / W pogoni za kolorem. Jerzy Słuczan-Orkusz (1924–2002) – projektant szkła

Place Plac Powstańców Warszawy 5, 50-153 Wrocław, POLAND
Organizer Muzeum Narodowe we Wrocławiu / The National Museum in Wrocław
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This exhibition is the outcome of joint collaboration by the National Museum in Wrocław and the Ceramics and Glass Centre in Kaków as a research and exhibition project regarding the history of Polish design of 20the century.

Its main objective is carrying out the first academic study and popularization of knowledge about a prominent figure in the Polish design scene, Jerzy Słuczan-Orkusz. The artist during the 50 years of his professional career was behind many important and unique initiatives, among them the creation in the 1960s of a design centre in the “Nysa” glassworks producing glass for lighting equipment, and also product design for the “Lumet” Cooperative in Poznań; he was also an initiator and long-term artistic manager in the experimental glassworks specializing in artistic glass at the Institute of Ceramics and Glass in Kraków, and during the 1980s, the chief designer at the “Tarnowiec” Glassworks in Tarnowiec.

In the spirit of the popular saying about ‘never being a prophet in your own land’, the curators wanted to recall the artistic accomplishments of this eminent designer. The research project and the exhibition are prepared for the 50th anniversary of establishing the experimental artistic glassworks in Kraków, to which Jerzy Słuczan-Orkusz was one of the major contributors. The exhibition will be also shown in Kraków.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue.

Curators: Dr. Barbara Banaś, Aleksandra Skorek