Introducing Sara Enrico: The Jumpsuit Theme

20 September 2019 - 5 January 2020

Introducing Sara Enrico: The Jumpsuit Theme / Introducing Sara Enrico: The Jumpsuit Theme

Place Prague, Veletržní palác / Trade Fair Palace, Dukelských hrdinů 47, CZECH REPUBLIC
Organizer National Gallery in Prague
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Architecture as a costume? Body as a space? Fabric as a volatile skin of a humanoid being? Sara Enrico’s biomorphic structures perform the decaying corporeality of our surrounding by constructing psychosomatic hybrids that reanimate the senses and activate the intensity of physical experience. Her site-specific and quasi-parasitic project in the National Gallery's Presidential Lounge The Jumpsuit Theme is the artist’s attempt to negotiate the spatial materiality in-between the painting and the object, in the increasingly grey zone of illusory volume and the omnipresent flatness.
Enrico's work unfolds an idea of a collapsed form versus the dream of a solidity, keeping in mind the art's ethical vocation. The artist’s cloth paintings and painterly objects mimic the autonomy of meaning and perception, thus foregrounding an intimacy of a substitute and proxy. Her compositions are anti-monuments of corporeality, caught in a post-historic moment of physical exhaustion and decline: pseudo-figurative collages of bodily fragments, damaged skin-like surfaces, piled en masse and abandoned, decomposed memories of grande narratives, fading away in a disciplined age of an auto-correct device. Neo-baroque and futuristic, these are theatricalized versions of a new anthropology for a synthetic world of fake history and amnesia. Enrico reimagines body in a post-human era of surgical experimentation, provoking a thoughtful reflection on the bioethics and the anatomy of morals.