Maria Magdalena Kozłowska. I've had enough

26 January 2019 - 8 March 2019

Maria Magdalena Kozłowska. I've had enough / Maria Magdalena Kozłowska. Ja już nie mogę

Place ul. Rynek 26, 41-902 Bytom, POLAND
Organizer Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej Kronika / Centre for Contemporary Art Kronika
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Curator: Katarzyna Kalina.

"Opera often irritates people
Fun for the white and the rich
Boring and pompous
But I'd say everyone
the rich and the poor alike
know moments
so mighty that they demand a scream
the more precious
the bigger the chance of relief"
[Maria Magdalena Kozłowska (born in Zielona Góra) - a graduate of the Inter-Faculty Individual Studies in the Humanities at the University of Warsaw, currently a student at the DAS Theater in Amsterdam.]