Pavel Herynek - Jan Jemelka - Jiří Krtička – Captivated by the Landscape

4 September 2018 - 28 September 2018

Pavel Herynek - Jan Jemelka - Jiří Krtička – Captivated by the Landscape / Pavel Herynek - Jan Jemelka - Jiří Krtička – Okouzleni krajinou.

Place Horní náměstí-radnice772 00 Olomouc, CZECH REPUBLIC
Organizer Galerie Caesar / Caesar Gallery
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Three studios, three windows into the garden, three creators, a fascination with the countryside and nature, and three completely different speeches, environments, documents of their own inner landscapes. Different and yet close. Different natural differences of each, the variety of art expressions, themes, techniques and materials. Close to his inspiration, place, generational bondage, and above all bound by friendship.

The friendship and the common theme of the landscape brought these three artists to the current exhibition, which represents their recent works from the last few years but also completely freshly created for this exhibition. The common denominator is not just the theme - the landscape - but also the material - the paper. Although each of the artists presents themselves with different art techniques, the exhibition focuses on paper-related work. All three authors belong to the Association of Olomouc Artists and have already exhibited in the Caesar Gallery, but for the first time together.