Tomáš Hlavina: One and Many

14 September 2018 - 24 March 2019

Tomáš Hlavina: One and Many / Tomáš Hlavina: Jedno a mnohé

Place Brno, Pražák Palace, Husova 18, CZECH REPUBLIC
Organizer Moravská galerie v Brně / The Moravian Gallery in Brno
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Tomáš Hlavina (1966) graduated from the Prague Academy of Fine Arts in the Milan Knížák Studio. From the beginning he was a very distinctive, very original creator. His art is minimalist, with maximum effects. He uses ordinary, banal things, clamps, a cut pipe, a paper-like structure, but he can create a special charm, that moves them from banality to exquisite aesthetic beauty. "Builds" three-dimensional objects that, by their fragility and at the same time strange unremitting deny their "material essence", their origins in the real world. For his exhibition at Atrium Pražák Palace he created several new, original objects that confirm his extraordinary position on the Czech art scene.