"Miracle-Workers" - new permanent exhibition at the National Museum in Wrocław

Miracle-Workers: Crafts and Decorative Art. Art of the Orient. Contemporary. Ceramics and Glass. The new permanent exhibition prepared for the 70th anniversary of the official opening of the National Museum in Wrocław. An elaborate suit of armour worn by a Japanese samurai, a sundial clock with a compass, a Louis Vuitton travelling trunk, a blue silk dress, designer crystal glasses and the cult radio “Szarotka”. These and a few hundred other artifacts feature in the unusual exhibition entitled “Miracle-Workers”. The new permanent exhibition presents three collections: the art of the Near and the Far East, artistic crafts and material culture, and ceramics and contemporary glass. “Miracle-Workers” is intended as an exhibition which describes and presents the world made by human hands, which first was created in the human mind and imagination, and then in a perfect way materialized in the utilitarian objects. The exhibition of “Miracle-Workers” takes the visitors on an expedition to the past, while making clear references to familiar contemporary reality.