Central Europe. New Look – on-line debate on November 26, 2020

On July 1st, Poland took over the presidency of the Visegrad Group, whose 30th anniversary will be celebrated on February 15th, 2021. On this occasion, the Polish Institute in Vienna, in cooperation with the International Cultural Center in Krakow, the Institute of the Danube Region and Central Europe, and the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna, is organizing a virtual debate Central Europe. New look.

The starting point for the discussion on the Visegrad Group, its role and significance in Central Europe is the publication Mitteleuropa Revisited. Does the future of Europe depend on it? by Dr. Emil Brix and Dr. Erhard Busek, which was published by the ICC Publishing House in 2020.

The debate will be attended by: Dr. Erhard Busek (Institute of the Danube Region and Central Europe), Ambassador Dr. Emil Brix (Diplomatic Academy in Vienna) and prof. Jacek Purchla (International Cultural Center).

Details of the meeting can be found on the profile of the Polish Institute in Vienna on Facebook.

The debate will be held in German.