European Heritage Days 2019

European Heritage Days 2019 are celebrating this powerful aspect of common heritage by inviting its 50 participatory countries to give “Arts and Entertainment” centre stage this September.

It will be exciting to witness diverse European cultural traditions share a collective stage at the 2019 European Heritage Days. From street shows to concert halls, traditional theaters and museums to modern cinema and digital art, entertainment heritage of Europe will play out on local, national and European stages for visitors and guests of all ages to enjoy. The all-encompassing theme will include sports, photography, tourism, circus, fairs, visual arts, cinema, radio, and television among other entertainment-inspired art forms.

European Heritage Days 2019 in Poland: http://www.europeanheritagedays.com/Country/Poland

European Heritage Days 2019 in Czechia: http://www.europeanheritagedays.com/Country/Czech-Republic

European Heritage Days 2019 in Slovakia: http://www.europeanheritagedays.com/Country/Slovakia

European Heritage Days 2019 in Hungary: http://www.europeanheritagedays.com/Country/Hungary