Exhibition review: The Slovak National Gallery’s Non-Permanent Exhibition

Non-Permanent Exhibition (Nestála expozícia) of SNG (Slovenská národná galéria) in Bratislava has been reviewed by Magdalena Łanuszka in the Polaris - Journal of the Northern Renaissance. The review stresses how the curators Katarína Chmelinová and Dušan Buran have decided to show the Gothic and Baroque collection in a brand new perspective. The revolutionary concept was to give the task of designing the exhibition directly to the architects (Igor Marko, Martin Jančok, Aleš Šedivec), which meant that the presentation of the artworks was not planned by art historians, but by people who think about the objects and the space in a very different, modern way. Architects were free to think about the space without considering chronology and academic descriptions. They used very few presentation cases. The works of art are as close to the viewers as possible. As a result, the viewers may discover that certain ways of expressing emotions are timeless and present in European art throughout the centuries.

The review is available on line at https://www.northernrenaissance.org/polaris/