Future of AHICE service

Service AHICE, initially called “Art History Information in Central Europe”, has been created in 2004 as an idea of dr Zoltán Gyalókay, to provide easier access to information about events as exhibitions, publications, conferences and other in Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. Since then almost 200 institutions have joined the AHICE network: museums, monuments, cultural and heritage institutions, research and educational institutes, as well as publishers. For many years we have enjoyed cooperation with the support of our national coordinators, settled in Budapest, Brno and Bratislava.

Nevertheless, over the past decade many rapid changes occurred in the virtual reality of cultural institutions. In the times of pandemics, and most likely in upcoming post-pandemics reality, the service AHICE.net in current form ceased to serve its initial purpose.

As a result, we have decided to transform the AHICE service into a more independent database of information on art and heritage in Central Europe, run entirely by its main administrator. Eventually, the new form of AHICE will become an English platform merged into the renewed service of HERITO quarterly (www.herito.pl/en), which is right now under construction.


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