Launch of OurWorldHeritage platform

Established under the Paris Convention of 1972, the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List already includes 1,121 entries, out of which 16 are located in Poland. After 48 years, the List is the most recognizable global undertaking in the field of the protection of cultural property, disseminating the idea of ​​the World Heritage. However, in the face of the pandemic, global economic crisis, wars, natural disasters, political pressure, unrestrained development or tourism, further effective functioning, and even the very idea of ​​protecting the World Heritage, are at risk.

In order to meet these challenges, in the context of the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Convention for the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage, an international group of experts has launched the OurWorldHeritage initiative.

The purpose of this global cooperation platform is to ensure that all sites on the List are adequately secured by refocusing attention on the original purpose of the Convention, which is protection, and not promotion through listing. The initiators also want to work towards a broader openness to participation of citizens, greater transparency of decision-making processes, improved monitoring of the protection of UNESCO sites, especially sites that are in a critical situation due to global changes, development pressures, natural disasters and conflicts.

The platform has been launched on November 16, 2020: https://ourworldheritage.org/