MOCAK Summer Cinema

As part of the action Be a Tourist in Your City – Visit Krakow throughout the summer holidays MOCAK organises the evening film screenings, with a focus on art. The films will be shown on Fridays from 3 July until 28 August at 9 pm in the Museum Arches (Cracow, Poland).

The previous editions of our summer cinema in MOCAK proved very popular. This year, due to stringent sanitary regulations and visitor safety, the number of spaces has been limited to the maximum of 40 viewers per screening.

How can the language of the cinema capture the essence of art and the role of the artist in the creative process? How can it show the effect of art on our lives? How does the cinema portray complex artistic personalities? How does it depict the creative process with all its beauty, sacrifice, suffering, chaos, impotence and miracle? This retrospective  covers different film forms, different areas and forms of art, and different epochs. What all these films have in common is the figure of the artist, and art – one of the most challenging, but also inspirational themes for the cinema. The film is a medium that can zero in on the division line separating art from life, fiction from reality, and artist from an ordinary bread eater – and demonstrate how these areas permeate and influence one another.

This year's programme of the Summer Cinema at MOCAK focuses on portraits of artists and the price they pay for art, on the pain brought by the creative process, and on the forgotten stories that are returned to our memory.

All films in original languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Russian) with Polish subtitles.
Comments before the screenings, repertoire selection: Adrian D. Kowalski

Programme: https://en.mocak.pl/mocak-summer-cinema-2020