On-line resource announcement: MEDIEVAL WALL PAINTINGS ON GEMER

Department of Theory and History of Art, Faculty of Arts, Technical University of Košice and Art Research Centre of SAS (Slovak Academy of Sciences) in Bratislava has launched a project and a website dedicated to studying and documenting of the medieval wall paintings of the Gemer region. The aim of this website’s creators is to introduce to the domestic as well as international audience a unique collection of wall paintings, which come mostly from the 14th-15th century, and are concentrated on a relatively small area. Nowadays, we have a record of more than twenty churches with the medieval wall paintings. At the time of their origin, these localities – in a prosperous mining region – were a part of the Kingdom of Hungary. Today they are situated in Slovak republic.

The website includes the wall paintings from the churches of: Kraskovo (Karaszkó), Koceľovce (Gecelfalva), Ochtiná (Ochtina / Martonháza), Chyžné (Hizsnyó) and Kyjatice (Kiete). It is to be expanded soon with the wall paintings from churches in Dobšiná (Dobsina / Dobschau), Kameňany (Kövi), Plešivec (Pelsöc), Rimavské Brezovo (Rimabrezó), Rimavská Baňa (Rimabánya), Štítnik (Csetnek), Rákoš (Rákos), Rybník (Újvásár), Roštár (Restér), Šivetice (Süvete), Žíp (Zsip).