The Night of Churches / Noc Kostelů 2019

On Friday May 24th Czech churches and chapels, congregations and orders will welcome visitors in open churches with a rich evening program.

Night-time tourists will have an opportunity to explore towers, vestries, chapels, cloisters and gardens free of charge. The Night of Churches is a project which gives the public the chance to become acquainted with cultural significance of the churches, and also in getting to know Christianity through music, art, personal encounters and experience. Visitors can enjoy guided tours of the parts of churches that are usually unavailable for the general audience, such as bell-towers or crypts. Many churches propose special events such as creative competitions, Bible-readings, concerts and performances, charity presentations, book-readings, night-time sermons and prayers or children’s events.

Tens of thousands of people will descend on more than 1,500 churches and chapels throughout the Czech Republic during the Night of Churches.