The Night of Museums in Poland, Slovakia and Czechia - 17-18th May 2019

The Long Night of Museums (or the Night of Museums) is a cultural event in which museums and cultural institutions in an area cooperate to remain open late into the night. Visitors are given a common entrance pass which grants them access to all exhibits as well as complimentary public transportation within the area and additionally some extra events are organised. 

In 2019 in Poland most of the cities will celebrate The Long Night of Museums on Saturday May 18th,but in Cracow it is going to be one day earlier, on Friday May 17th. Particular events for that night are advertised at the websites of each participating institution. 

The citizens of Brno can spend one May night in the streets of the city and visit galleries, museum and other sights. The Brno Museum Night will take place on Saturday May 18th 2019; on this day all exhibitions open at 6 pm and stay open until midnight. All sites will offer interesting associated programmes: www.brnenskamuzejninoc.cz

The night of the museums and galleries in Slovakia in 2019 takes place on Saturday May 18th. The event is to present as much as possible the cultural heritage, the importance of its preservation and protection in cultural exchange. The museum's activities during Night of Museums and Galleries include opening their "hidden" chambers to the public and revealing the secrets hidden from the sight of the public. Programme is available at musuems' websites; see also www.nmag.sk.