The opening of the new Cricoteka

The opening of the new Cricoteka, the Centre for the Documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor

12 September 2014, Krakow, Poland

On 12 September 2014, in Krakow’s Podgórze district, Cricoteka’s new headquarters will open its doors to the public. In keeping with its ambitious architectural design, the new space will transform the functioning of the institution, enabling it to receive and host large-scale cultural events that, up until now, Cricoteka has been carrying out in a number of other, dispersed venues. Tadeusz Kantor’s own aim will at last be fulfilled: the creation of a venue fit for a live artistic event.

Cricoteka, fot. Agnieszka Oprządek

For more please visit: http://www.news.cricoteka.pl/new_cricoteka/