The Podgórze Museum opened in Cracow

The Podgórze Museum, a new branch of the Historical Museum of the City of Krakow, is an exceptional place. It is being created at the initiative of the local community and is an answer to the expectations of the Podgórze residents. They themselves, as well as other residents of Krakow, are participating in the co-creation of this place, through donating their memorabilia and sharing their recollections, as well as through active participation in informational meetings about the project, organised periodically by the HMK.

The new permanent exhibition, entitled "In the Shadow of Krak’s Mound", presents the history and the phenomenon of Podgórze – a multicultural and multinational town, its spectacular industrial success, as well as its mythology and legends.

In addition to organising exhibitions, the branch will also carry out educational work. One of the most important aspects of the museum’s operations, however, will be the integration of the Podgórze community. It is intended to become a kind of meeting centre for the local community.

The museum’s activities will encompass all of the right-bank Krakow, while the theme of the permanent exhibition will focus on the historic town of Podgórze.