Anna Kostrzyńska-Miłosz:  Stylistic Trends in Polish Furniture 1918-1939


Anna Kostrzyńska-Miłosz: Stylistic Trends in Polish Furniture 1918-1939

Place Warsaw, POLAND
Organizer Institute of Art, Polish Academy of Sciences; Liber pro Arte
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The book is a synthesis of stylistic phenomena occurring in Polish furniture in the inter-war period. Their analysis is preceded by Chapter One serving to introduce the Reader into the topic; it briefly analyzes the Zakopane style, furniture designed by Stanisław Wyspiański, as well as the activity of the Society of Polish Applied Art and the Cracow Workshops.
Chapter Two focuses on the furniture of the 1920s, thus the formation of the Polish variant of Art Deco. Numerous illustrations with respective comments show exhibits from the 1925 Paris Exhibition and the formation of two divergent directions: the traditional one associated with the Ład Cooperative and the Avant-Garde one affiliated to the Blok and Praesens artistic groups.
The third section of the study focuses on the 1930s, attempts to adjust interior furnishing to the times of the crisis, as well as the display activity of the artists associated with the Academy of Fine Arts and the architects grouped around the Warsaw University of Technology.
The final sections of the book relate to the technical issues of cabinetmaking, namely the application of different types of wood, plywood, wicker, or metal. Furthermore, ornament techniques used for finishing off furniture surfaces, or types of structures can be found here.

Additionally, the book mentions a contemporary interior inspired by the style of Polish Art Deco. It is the dining room for the employees of Swiss Krono who have sponsored this publication.