Latin Cathedral in Lviv


Latin Cathedral in Lviv / Katedra łacińska we Lwowie

Place Kraków, International Cultural Centre, POLAND
Organizer International Cultural Centre in Cracow
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A new volume of the monumental series Materials for the History of the Religious Art in the Eastern Borderlands of the Former Polish Republic (ed. Jak K. Ostrowski)

This new volume in the series inventorying historic pieces of sacral art in the eastern borderlands of the former Polish Republic is unique in being a monograph of a single building: the foremost Roman Catholic church in Lviv [Lwów], the Latin Cathedral.

As well as a study of the medieval circumstances of its construction and furnishing, alterations to it in the Early Modern Age (involving the addition to the core structure of a ring of chapels, and its conversion in its entirety to the Baroque style in the years 1765–1780), a further restoration at the end of the nineteenth century, and the conservation work performed in the interbellum, the publication also details the history of the cathedral to the most recent times, as it gradually regains its former glory thanks to contemporary conservation work.