"Reconsidering the Origins of Portraiture" ed. by Mateusz Grzęda and Marek Walczak, in: Journal of Art Historiography

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 The Journal of Art Historiography, an open-access peer-reviewed e-journal, is dedicated to the self-critical exploration of art history as a methodological practice. Number 17 (December 2017) is a special issue containing papers presented at the conference "Reconsidering the Origins of Portraiture" (Cracow 2015).


Mateusz Grzęda (Jagiellonian University) and Marek Walczak (Jagiellonian University), ‘Reconsidering the origins of portraiture: introduction 

Pierre-Yves Le Pogam (Louvre Museum, Paris), ‘The features of Saint Louis’ 

Katharina Weiger (Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florence, Max-Planck-Institut), ‘The portraits of Robert of Anjou: self-presentation as political instrument?’ 

Mateusz Grzęda (Jagiellonian University), ‘Representing the Archbishop of Trier: portraits of Kuno von Falkenstein’ 

Javier Martínez de Aguirre (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), ‘Pride and memory: perceptions of individuality in Iberian sculpture around 1400’ 

Jakov Đorđević (Belgrade University), ‘Made in the skull’s likeness: of transi tombs, identity and memento mori’ 

Krzysztof J. Czyżewski (Wawel Royal Castle) and Marek Walczak  (Jagiellonian University), ‘Picturing continuity. The beginnings of the portrait gallery of Cracow bishops in the cloisters of the Franciscan friary in Cracow’ 

Marek Walczak (Jagiellonian University), ‘The portrait miniature of Cardinal Zbigniew Oleśnicki on a letter of indulgence issued in 1449 for the Church of All Saints in Cracow’ 

Philipp Zitzlsperger (Fresenius University for Applied Sciences and Humboldt University, Berlin), ‘Renaissance self-portraits and the moral judgement of taste’ 

Alexander Lee (University of Warwick), ‘The look(s) of Love: Petrarch, Simone Martini and the ambiguities of fourteenth-century portraiture’ 

Mary Hogan Camp (The Morgan Library and Museum), ‘The cryptic knot: Jacopo Pontormo’s portrait of Cosimo il Vecchio’ 

Albert Godycki (Courtauld Institute), ‘Countenances of the deepest attentiveness: the historical reputation of Jan van Scorel’s portraits’ 

Masza Sitek (Jagiellonian University), ’Just what is it that makes identification-portrait hypotheses so appealing? On why Hans Süss von Kulmbach “must” have portrayed John Boner’