RIHA Journal articles on Central Europe in 2017


RIHA Journal articles on Central Europe in 2017

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In 20017 RIHA Journal has published a Special Issue "War Graves/Die Bauaufgabe Soldatenfriedhof, 1914-1989", eds. Christian Fuhrmeister and Kai Kappel ( 2017).

The special issue “War Graves, War Cemeteries, and Memorial Shrines as a Building Task (1914 to 1989). Die Bauaufgabe Soldatenfriedhof/Kriegsgräberstätte zwischen 1914 und 1989“, edited by Christian Fuhrmeister and Kai Kappel, originates from two colloquia hosted by Humboldt-University in Berlin and Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte in Munich in 2014. The papers of this anthology contribute to an emerging field of research whose scope is interdisciplinary and transnational.

Also, in 2017 RIHA has published an article by Katarzyna Cytlak: "L’architecture prospective en Tchécoslovaquie. Convergences et divergences entre l’approche du groupe slovaque VAL (1968-1994) et la théorie architecturale de Michel Ragon", available online: http://www.riha-journal.org/articles/2017/0179-cytlak

and another article, by Ágnes Ivett Oszkó: "The Works of Budapest Architects Lipót Baumhorn and Károly Kovács in Novi Sad at the Turn of the Century" available online: http://www.riha-journal.org/articles/2017/0181-oszko