Roman Ingarden. Philosopher and Photographer


Roman Ingarden. Philosopher and Photographer / Roman Ingarden. Filozof i fotograf

Place Krakow, Museum of Contemporary Art , ul. Lipowa 4, POLAND
Organizer Museum of Contemporary Art in Cracow / Muzeum Sztuki Współczesnej w Krakowie
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Roman Ingarden (1893–1970) is one of the most world-renowned Polish philosophers. He was a disciple of Husserl’s, who inspired his phenomenological methodology, which he used consistently in his ontological and aesthetical reflections. He often wrote in parallel in Polish and German. His most significant contribution to the interpretation of the art work are his texts on literature, as well as the term ‘concretisation’ which he introduced. With this concept, he connected the work of art with its recipient, expanding the reflection on response to art by including the aesthetic experience. Ingarden was an aficionado of photography. He took photographs of anything that made it possible to ‘extract’ the beauty. In this publication we present several topics that were dominant in his artistic work. The publication contains texts by Sebastian Stankiewicz, Maria Anna Potocka and Marlena Nikoda as well as Władysław Stróżewski’s memories of Roman Ingarden.