"Speculum Mortis. The Image of Death in Late Medieval Bohemian Painting" by Daniela Rywiková

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This study analyzes late medieval paintings of personified death in Bohemia, arguing that Bohemian iconography was distinct from the body of macabre painting found in other Central European regions during the same period. The author focuses on a variety of images from late medieval Bohemia, examining how they express the imagination, devotion, and anxieties surrounding death in the Middle Ages.

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Pages: 262 • Trim: 6 x 9
978-1-4985-8655-9 • Hardback • July 2020
978-1-4985-8656-6 • eBook • June 2020

Introduction: Four Last Things: Dying and Death in the Middle Ages

Chapter 1: Imago mortis: Image of Death in Early and High Medieval Art

Chapter 2: Death of the Apocalypse

Chapter 3: Mors triumfans: Triumph of Death in the Broumov Charnel House in the Context of Period Funeral Liturgy and Theology

Chapter 4: Memento mori: The Legend of the Three Living and the Three Dead as a Polysemantic Presentation of Death in Late Medieval Bohemian Mural Painting

Chapter 5: Ars moriendi and Symmetry of Sin: The Krumlov Miscellanea as a Vademecum of Virtuous Life, Perfect Penance, and the Good Death

Chapter 6: Danse macabre: Two Prague Dances of Death as a Critique of the Sinful World