The Power of Heritage. Socio-Economic Examples from Central Europe (Edited by Joanna Sanetra-Szeliga and Katarzyna Jagodzińska)


The Power of Heritage. Socio-Economic Examples from Central Europe (Edited by Joanna Sanetra-Szeliga and Katarzyna Jagodzińska) / Potencjał dziedzictwa. Społeczno-gospodarcze przykłady z Europy Środkowej, (red. Joanna Sanetra-Szeliga i Katarzyna Jagodzińska)

Place Krakow, International Cultural Centre, Rynek Główny 25, POLAND
Organizer International Culturar Centre
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The events of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 are still ahead of us. In the meantime, the new publication of the International Cultural Centre would like to open a discussion on the significance of cultural investments for the development of modern societies.

In their book, Joanna Sanetra-Szeliga and Katarzyna Jagodzińska, editors of “The Power of Heritage. Socio-Economic Examples from Central Europe”, seek to answer the question on the present value of cultural heritage, ask whether this value can be measured in economic terms, and why it can be treated as a strategic resource for the future.

Their book contains a cross-sectional analysis of the theoretical potential of heritage and presents outcomes of several-year-long research undertaken by an international team of experts. The book features 9 case studies involving historic monuments from Belarus, Estonia, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, and Hungary.

Individual chapters present conclusions of a number of research projects focused on the impact of investment in heritage on the job market, real estate market, human and social capital development, quality of life, the site’s competitiveness and attractiveness, as well as creativity boost.

Authors of texts included in the volume analyse both model examples of how to invest in heritage, as well as negative examples that illustrate lost opportunities.

The ICC’s publication is an attempt to contribute to filling the gap in research on the impact of heritage and to encourage such research by municipal and regional authorities, by heritage site managers, organisations and associations, as well as by academic circles.

“Editors of the volume and authors of individual essays hope that this book will become a major voice in the discussion on the power of heritage, providing arguments in favour of future investment in heritage. By investing in heritage, we invest in our future” – write editors in their introduction.

The book is available in Polish and English, in printed and electronic versions.