Central European Heritage Cultural Development Possibilities in Historical Cities 11-13 April 2014, Budapest

Invitation and Call for Dissemination


We are pleased to invite you to the international conference for Central European Heritage, organized in Budapest between 11-13 April, 2014, by the KultUnio Foundation with the support of Visegrad Fund. In the last two years the Foundation had the opportunity to investigate cosmopolitan cities, such as Brussels, Barcelona, London, Vienna, Milan, or Berlin. How do these cities operate more efficiently? Does Vienna know more? How did Vienna win four times the world's most livable city award? To answer these questions, we would like to present benchmarks and share relevant experiences about challenges in city development of the four Visegrad countries.


Our speakers are some of the most important Hungarian and foreign experts of the field.The conference and its accompanying events provide opportunities for all participants to build new connections with each other and the speakers.


The paralell sessions of the conference include property development and property investment themes, as well as others, such as integrated regional development, cultural urban development, city management, urban economy, and city finance issues.


The aim of the conference is to help civil organizations, municipalities, and for-profit organizations (e.g. tourism suppliers) to find the best solutions relating to the utilization of heritage buildings, empty shop areas, public squares. Participants can utilize these international experiences in their daily job as well.


Please find more detailed information about the program and the invited speakers on the official website of the conference:




We are pleased to invite you to the conference. Please help us to reach those who might be interested in it as well. Share the informations about the event, forward the call to your partners and colleagues. With this you could greatly contribute to the success of this project.


For further information please find our website ( conference.kultunio.hu/), or contact the event coordinator.


Best regards,

Ms. Klára Landwehr

President of KultUnio Foundation