30.11.2013 - 30.11.1999

Monument revue – journal for presentation of scientific research in cultural heritage

The chief topics of Monument revue are studies and articles in the archival research of monuments. The journal promotes archival records and primary documents as part of the cultural heritage of Slovakia and as sources of historic information on the monuments. The journal offers a space for articles in the history of art and architecture, archaeology, ethnology, chemistry, restoration and informatics as main research areas in the Monuments Board of the Slovak Republic.


Next topic of the journal is the monumentology as a special applied and interdisciplinary research of monuments. It is devoted to evolution of theories and principles of protection of monuments in the past and to confrontation with contemporary ideas.


The journal brings profiles of protagonists in monumentology. The basis of discipline and their developing in difficult times and conditions, founded by notable personalities are the ways for understanding of our place in branch, not constantly evaluated and respected from the society. The journal also notes professional events and reviews the newest publications.


The journal’s advisory board codified the mission – to expand the identity of the Monuments Board of the Slovak Republic as learned research centre in the protection of monuments, using the results of interdisciplinary research in day-to-day routine.