CALL FOR PAPERS: "5th Heritage Forum of Central Europe HERITAGE AND ENVIRONMENT" (CFP until 31.03.2019)

Place International Cultural Centre, Rynek Główny 25, 31-008 Kraków, POLAND
Organizer International Cultural Centre in Cracow
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The Heritage Forum of Central Europe is a cyclical, biennial event organised by the International Cultural Centre in Kraków. It is an interdisciplinary platform for meetings and the discussion of the relations between the past and the present informed by the broad understanding of heritage. The Kraków conference is the voice of Central Europe on the philosophy, management, protection, economics, politics and social issues of cultural heritage. The Forum is organised under the auspices of the V4 Cultural Heritage Experts’ Working Group, comprising the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the prime Minister’s Office Hungary, the Monuments Board of the Slovak Republic, and the International Cultural Centre in Kraków.

The aim of the fifth edition of the Heritage Forum of Central Europe, to be held on 19–20 September 2019 at the International Cultural Centre in Kraków, is to discuss and analyse the links and mutual dependencies between heritage, those “meaningful pasts that should be remembered” (Sharon Macdonald), and environment, both material and socio-cultural. While investigating the relationship between the two, special consideration is to be given to an attempt to transgress and challenge various dichotomies that have traditionally shaped our way of thinking about heritage and environment and their antithetical rapport (nature/culture, permanence/transience, tangible/intangible, etc.). By means of addressing such issues as, for example, the impact of environment on memory and identity, natural and/or cultural heritage, historic environment(s), biodiversity and conservation, the Forum’s objective is to demonstrate that the relations between heritage and environment – particularly between culture and nature – should be marked by “cooperative amity” rather than “envy and rivalry” (David Lowenthal).

The International Cultural Centre hereby invites professionals from a variety of fields (e.g. art and architecture, history and literature, biology and horticulture, sociology and geography, conservation and management) to submit their proposals for papers on the following themes, although submissions are not limited to them:

1. HERITAGE AND NATURAL ENVIRONMENT, and particularly: natural heritage, natural heritage sites, natural landscape, landscape restoration, landscape and garden design
2. HERITAGE AND ANTHROPOGENIC ENVIRONMENT, and in particular: heritage and the Antrophocene the built environment, historic environment, cityscapes and urban, environment postindustrial landscape, virtual environment
3. HERITAGE AND SOCIO-CULTURAL ENVIRONMENT, with particular reference to the following: heritage sites, cultural landscape, heritage vis-à-vis political/social, environment ecotourism, ecomuseums
4. HERITAGE AND THE SPATIAL TURN, and in particular: sites of memory environmental history tourism geography memory, identity, and space ambience the void geopoetics

The 5th Forum’s special guest will be Lithuania. Consequently, papers addressing the above-listed issues with regard to Lithuania will be particularly welcome.
Proposals for 20-minute presentations should include a brief biographical note with your title and institutional affiliation and a maximum 150-word abstract in English. They should be submitted by e-mail to by 31 March 2019.

The conference will be held in English. It will result in a peer-reviewed publication. All articles, up to 4,000–6,000 words long, following the assigned style guide and submitted by the deadline (to be announced), will be considered for publication.
The conference fee is €100, which will cover conference materials and catering. Transport and accommodation costs are covered by conference participants themselves.