Postglobal Future. When nowhere becames here

Place Poznań, Fundation Mediations Biennale, POLAND
Organizer Fundation Mediations Biennale
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Venue date: 25-27.10.2014
While the post-global future cannot be predicted, it can be invented. The process that began with Westernization – and the infinite possibilities of technology have now morphed into something unexpected as it simultaneously turns all human relations into commodities and makes all thought instrumental. The convergence of neo liberalism, neo nationalism, scarcity and environmental disasters now appears to be inevitable – as new cold and hot wars become the rule rather than the exception . Faced with these realities even the term post-global – post-international - seems to be a very real threat. This conference will ask a small group of scholars, social scientist, artists, and activists to address the question: What is the toolkit we need to address the economic, juridical, sociological and technological challenges facing us in our post-global future: in which more and more the terms of knowledge production and consumption have become a metaphor for value and wealth construction.